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Feel Sexy, Get Fit, Have Fun


I Am So Happy You Have Decided To Purchase This Online Bundle:

"Less Stress, More Money"

Below are all of the videos and lessons.  

Simply click the picture that says the day, for example 'Day One' and it will bring you to the private YouTube video link.  

Below the video there are questions that I recommend answering as you watch the video.  

This series was originally run as a free 5 day challenge, I then uploaded the content and made it available for purchase in one easily accessible area.

I ask that you please not share the link you were provided with.

If you have any questions or would like to book a 30 minute discovery call please text 

DISCOVERY CALL to (902)6797728

OR EMAIL: [email protected]

You have access to this bundle for life!


Emily xo



(skip ahead in the video to around 8 minutes, before 8 minutes it's mostly backend gibberish)


1. Watch the video 

(skip ahead to 8 minutes)

2. Do the exercise ‘Dream Big’ (as stated in the video) take either 5, 10, 15 minutes to do the exercise (set a timer, sit in a quiet place)  DO NOT SHARE THIS EXERCISE WITH ANYONE! 

3. Make a list of all of your priorities, narrow them down to 3 and list them.

 Make sure YOU are now on the top of the list.. commit to this by writing an affirmation to yourself

'I come first' 

The quote said in tonight’s video: 

Those who are certain of the outcome can afford to wait and wait with out anxiety.

-A Course In Miracles

Do these all quickly and as stress free as possible. 


Don’t over think anything.

Good luck! ️




1. Watch the video

2. Do the ‘Let it go’ exercise.

3. Write down how much money you want to make in the next 7 days.

The quote said in tonight’s video:


Do these all quickly and as stress free as possible. 

PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION. Don’t over think anything.

Good luck!




First of all congratulations for making it this far!!!!

1. Watch the video

2. What are you currently ‘asking permission’ to do in your life or business? who are you asking? Or what are you waiting to take action on in your life or businesses because you currently feel like you don’t have permission? (Wrote your answer/s below..

Right now I want you to make a conscious decision to GIVE YOURSELF the permission you are currently asking for or seeking!!!

Reframe!! Type below, I give myself permission to... (fill in the blank!!)

3. List a few current beliefs that you have.. and where you believe they came from..

Reframe the belief..

For example: mine used to be: I have to work hard for my money..

Now my belief is: Money flows naturally and easily to me from multiple sources of income.

Or Money is easy, or it’s easy to make money!! Or the less I work the more money I make.

(For me honestly this belief took along time to shake, I was VERY attached to it.. The first step for me was to recognize that this was a belief, once I recognized it was a belief and once I figured out that it’s not the truth, I gave myself permission to believe something different, reframe the belief and that’s when it all started to change..

4. What’s currently not working in your life? Do you need to speed up or slow down to ‘solve the problem’?

What are you going to do differently? 

Good luck!




1. Look up a wheel of life on Google, quickly do your own version . Type #Done below and let me know your big ah ha moment, or a realization you had?

2. For 24 hours do not complain, do not talk about anyone or anything (aka gossip). Lips sealed. Tomorrow night I’ll add a reminder to the post and I’ll get you to tell me how you made out. 

3. How much do you want?!

Write three different examples.. Ill place a picture below.. do this for me.. and comment #Money when you’ve done it!

Good luck!




I know I said there will be an exercise in values but I’m not feeling it so we’re gonna skip it.

1. What will you spend your extra money on?!

Say you want to make an extra thousand dollars a month where is it going to go? Do you want more than that?

2. Write down 3 things that can change your state quickly! 

Think smells, songs, clothing.. sounds, people, pictures. List them.

3. How did the 24 hour no complaining or talking about anybody challenge go? 

4. What are you currently viewing in your life is a struggle right now? How are you going to look at it differently?

Want to book a discovery call to see how we can help you with your business?


OR EMAIL: [email protected]