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Feel Sexy, Get Fit, Have Fun




(June 1st)




Are you ready to CRUSH some MAJOR GOALS in your life and business?

What if I told you it could be done in 


Do you understand that without support, your environment will always win?  

Which means it's 

REALLY difficult 

to change or move forward on your own 

And especially difficult to start or accomplish something new


Are the two main reasons

 WHY CRUSH IT exists

these two factors when done correctly 

WILL determine how quickly you move forward and how successful you'll be.

Yes you also need a plan, and we bring this out of you as well, but I'm not here to tell you HOW to do anything, you already know what to do,

 what you need is someone who asks you the right questions, 

a group who cares, and who cares to see you win, 

and the support and accountability along the way.

If you want something you've never had you have to do something you've never done.


The author of this quote may be -unknown- but the premise of this quote is RIGHT ON!!

If you want something you've never had you have to do something you've never done.

Through the proven frame work we use in CRUSH IT you are able to get the support you need to be yourself in a safe, intimate environment with like minded entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs from around the world with a variety of different backgrounds and skill levels.

(the networking and connections you will make is worth the investment alone in this 4 week program) 

We bring together the best of the best.

We provide you with high level, daily support so you WILL succeed in achieving the goal you set forward, 

and not just one goal.. you will also achieve so much more. 

(Breakthrough, after breakthrough, clarity and confidence, and new lease on life)

We're excited to see you on the other side, to help and assist you in making the breakthroughs, connections and offering an unwavering support and mastermind group that is unlike anything you've experienced.

What's included?

(Starts February 29th)

  •  Weekly Zoom Calls, Hosted By Emily (1 1/2 hours long, calls are recorded so you can listen again and again, life time access) $2400 USD 
  •  Daily Accountability in the private Facebook Group (daily check ins, up to 3 times a day, during the 4 weeks) $1200 USD
  • One Open Office Hour per week In The Facebook Group Where You Have Live Access To 'Ask Emily Anything' (and obtain 'extra' support) $1200 USD
  • One 30 Minute Welcome Call From With Emily $197 USD
  • Life Time Access to The Less Stress More Money bundle (over 5 hours of content to excel your life and business, recorded November 2019, AVAILABLE AS SOON AS YOU PURCHASE CRUSH IT) $197.00 USD
  • Networking With New Fresh Entrepreneurial Faces and Minds From Around The World $2000 USD


$397.OO USD (The price is increasing to $1997 on May 3rd)


Who is Emily Fisher?

Emily is international business coach and consultant and owner of SSH Business Consulting and Life Coaching.   Emily has over 20 years experience owning, operating and selling three successful business.  She started her first successful business at just 14 years of age (running it for 20 years) and her second business at 20 years of age (running it for 11 years). Emily is a paid public speaker, author and online entrepreneur. She has worked with Real Estate Moguls, Famous Hypnotists, Jewellers, Local and Abroad Service Business, and Podcasters to name a few.  She's helped entrepreneurs on every level of their entrepreneurial journey, from seasoned entrepreneurs wanting more, to businesses in the idea stage, start ups, hiring, building and growing businesses and increasing business revenue. She has been hired to co-host an award winning Pod Cast in the United States and has professionally filmed content for an Online Business School in Baltimore.