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Feel Sexy, Get Fit, Have Fun

The Business Accelerator

The Mastermind

What's The Secret?


I have a super important message that I felt prompted to share with you. This is something that I’ve been fortunate enough to discover... After working internationally with entrepreneurs across all areas of business. 

So, if you’re a business owner who has struggled to grow your business…. OR Maybe you might even be doing ok but feel like there is


Then this will be the most important group you will join in 2020

The Business Accelerator

Here’s Why...

What if I were to tell you thattruly believe there is a way for you to finally create that business you set out to create... Plus to remove all those stumbling blocks that have stopped you from doing this until now.


1. The Lead In *



I’m talking about a simple, step-by-step and laser focused approach to growing your business. The same approach that I’ve used to grow multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses through which I sell my products and services... Without actually feeling liking I’m having to “sell”. Sound interesting?

Hey, my name is Grace Lever and ever since I developed this one formula, I’ve been able to build a multi-million dollar lifestyle business... Reach over 8 million women each month, and impact and change the lives of thousands of female entrepreneurs across the world. I’ve hosted almost 100 of my own in-person workshops, and I am the fastest growing membership community of female entrepreneurs on the planet. I’ve been invited to speak at a Tony Robbins events, received many awards and am now a thought-leader in my industry. I currently coach over 5,000 female entrepreneurs from all over the world to build their own profitable, lifestyle business...

And I absolutely love seeing them grow and succeed!

But, It Wasn’t Always Like This..

I personally understand what it’s like to want and to dream of more but to think that... maybe, I just don’t have what it takes. I always wanted to be a successful female entrepreneur... To earn what I was worth. I wanted to impact thousands of people’s lives for the better. And I wanted to create a lifestyle for myself and my family that we loved. But that wasn’t my reality.

And maybe it’s not yours either

Have you ever woken up in the morning and sat at your computer and thought - wow, I thought things would’ve started working by now? I thought I’d have more dollars in the bank... I thought I’d have more time with my family... I thought I’d be a successful entrepreneur by now…

2. The Introduction *

3. The Story *

3a. (Feel)

Well if you have, you’re not alone.

When I first started out trying to build my business, I didn’t sleep... I didn’t eat…I lost my social life…I argued all the time with my husband and was in a lot of debt. Like $100,000 in debt. Pretty intense right? It seemed so overwhelming at the start... I was so lost in the digital world - what systems should I use, where should I advertise. I kinda got to the point where I thought, maybe this isn’t for me? Maybe I just don’t have what it takes. Maybe I’m not techy enough. Maybe I’m not enough…I didn’t come from money, I didn’t have connections or networks. I thought maybe I don’t have enough time or enough intelligence. But the more I looked at those who were having success, those who I wanted to aspire to be like, it hit me. They were approaching their business in an entirely different way. And I’m not talking like a silver bullet or short term hack kind of way… I’m talking about…

A Whole Different Way Of Building A Coaching & Consulting Business….

Their entire approach and mindset towards their business was so drastically different to mine. I was investing my time in things that didn’t matter - things that weren’t actually going to move my business forward. And I realised it was because I didn’t know where I SHOULD be focusing my time. I felt so overwhelmed by tackling the big tasks that I got buried under the little ones. I wasn’t taking massive imperfect action in my business, because I was so caught up in the day to day, spinning my wheels.

3b. (Felt)

3c. (Found)

But when I started to think differently, I started approaching my business in an entirely different way too... And when I started doing the right things in the right order, that is when things started to change. I made a promise to myself to become a doer and take massive imperfect action every day. And slowly I began to gain momentum... 6 figures in 6 weeks… 7 figures in less than 12 months. I have now been able to move to my favourite part of Australia, take care of my family, hire a team... And I even get to support so many local families here in Australia that are experiencing financial pressure. Plus I get to do something that I love every day serving a community of dedicated gorgeous women… I get to impact the lives of tens of thousands of female entrepreneurs. The reason I am sharing all this with you is because I want the same for you. I don’t want you to have to go through the trial and error I had to :-( You’re here listening to me now as an aspiring coach or consultant and you want more... You know where you are and probably where you want to be...


Do You Know How To Get There?

The truth is, there is A LOT to learn…. Especially when it comes to growing your coaching and consulting business. Things like: How to fill your consult calendar consistently... so you can avoid the income rollercoaster. How to download your Genius Zone into a training program that people are willing to pay you for.... WITHOUT overwhelming them and getting a heap of refund requests. How to create and price the right type of High-Ticket offers so you don’t scare away potential clients. How to Automate your consult and booking system so you don’t

4. The Transition (Include Pain Points... It dosn’t need to be this long) *

have to continue trading time for money. How to deliver and teach your content in a way that makes sense to your students... so that they can achieve the best results possible. How to position yourself as an Industry Expert even if no one knows your name. WOW. It’s kinda overwhelming right?!!! I get it because I also struggled with all these challenges when I first started out as a coach and consultant. YEP…. I had to work all this stuff out on my own early on with so much trial and error and it wasn’t exactly fun. It felt kinda like a jigsaw puzzle with so many pieces that I had to put together… Without knowing what the pieces were or even where they were hiding. If you currently feel like this and are struggling with overwhelm…. I can guarantee I have also felt the same way. BUT…. What I discovered was all that it took was having ONE great strategy... to could completely transform things. A strategy tailored to you specific situation and business... To help you get from where you are to where you want to be. For me, I was very fortunate to have a mentor very early on in this business who really set me up for success. She literally rescued me when I was about to give it all away :-(

HOW? Well, she put together a clear roadmap for me that I could follow step by step, which helped me build momentum. It wasn’t complicated but it was super effective... …and what I have learned over the years is that SIMPLE = BEST. Even the great man himself, Richard Branson says: “Complexity is your enemy. Any fool can make something complicated. It is hard to make something simple.”

She gave me clear guidance and helped me remove all the distractions and overwhelm. I didn’t realise it at the time... But what my mentor gave me was a “Doing Roadmap”....

The Ultimate Doing Shortcut :-)

Since that “sliding doors” moment where I was on the brink of giving it all away…. I have now been able to go on and do the same for thousands of other female entrepreneurs. Here are just a few testimonials I have received recently from happy Doers….

A Personalised Roadmap Makes All The Difference...

Achieving success as a coach and consultant is A LOT easier when: . You have a roadmap . You know the exact path to follow. . You know the right steps to take…in the right order. Having my own mentor put together a roadmap for me at the start of this journey made all the difference… ….and that’s why I want to do the same for you, but for FREE.

Introducing The Business Roadmap Call

Since you’ve already taken action and are here reading this right now... I’m pretty confident you’re a Doer and we have a fair bit in common :-)

Because of that, I want to invite you to have a free Doing Roadmap call.... With my top business strategist and Head of Coaching here at the Doers Way, Erica Martin.

Insert Testimonials *

5. The Pitch *

5a. (Here’s What I’ve Got)

Erica is my go-to girl for: All things business and marketing strategy Marketing campaign and offer creation High-ticket sales and well basically….she is brilliant. (And trust me she wouldn’t be part of the Doers Way team if she wasn’t)

So How Can Erica Help You…

Get From Where You Are To Where You Want To Be?

(Just like how my first mentor helped me.) Well, she has agreed to make herself available to a very small number of Doers, where she will jump on a call with you and: Discuss how you can build your very own successful coaching or consulting business. Resolve your biggest marketing and sales challenges once and for all. Figure out exactly what is holding you back and any roadblocks that are in the way for you and your business. Then she’ll help you create a Doing Roadmap to get results in the fastest time possible…

So you can be confident in knowing exactly what you need to do in the next 30 days…. To start attracting and converting new clients fast.

Check out what The Doers had to say after spending some time with Erica recently….

So Why Would I Do This?

At this point it’s really important to know why I am making Erica available to you for free…

5b. (Here’s How It Works)

5c. (Here’s What It Will Do For You)

Insert Testimonials *

…and not charging you her regular hourly rate of $500 for a coaching call. The first reason is because this my passion. To be able to play a part in seeing fellow female entrepreneurs just like yourself…. growing their very own profitable lifestyle business is why I do what I do. Anytime we can jump on a call and help a coach or consultant overcome a client-getting challenge or even a mindset block... Then it makes it all worth it for me and my team. The second reason I am making you this generous offer for FREE is because…. It’s also how I attract my dream clients. So…. If at the end of your Doing Roadmap Call... Erica feels that we can help you and that you might be a good fit for one of our programs…. She can discuss with you what that looks like and if you’d like to take it a step further... so we can work together more closely in 2019. BUT You’re also free to leave at the end of the call with your step by step strategy mapped out...

To help you attract more clients and reduce the overwhelm in the next 30 days.

I also want to take it one step further for you….

If You Think Your Time Was Wasted, Let Me Know and I’ll Also Immediately Give You $200 As Compensation.

This clearly provides you with a huge piece of mind. Especially if you are still on the fence about joining Erica on a call... so she can help you map out your Freedom Roadmap for 2019. And I get it. Your time is super valuable but think about this for a second…

5d. (Here’s Why I Am Doing This)

5e. (Here’s Why It’s Safe & Smart)

The worst thing that can happen is that you get paid $200 for “wasting” 45 minutes... learning about a formulaic process and system that will generate you a dream level of income. But the best thing that can happen is you decide to implement this tested system... Grow your coaching and consulting business and see exponential growth in 2019. Either way the odds are stacked in your favour.... So it’s literally impossible to go wrong with what I am offering you here. And really…

Who Else Would Do This?

NOBODY (I checked to be sure). But I’m 100% ok with putting myself on the line like this because my coaching clients always get amazing results... As long as they do the work and take action. Period. Now as you can imagine I’ll get A LOT of interest from this letter because of how many people will be reading it...

So it’s important you read this next part very carefully…

This Opportunity Is Not For Everyone.

We can only help a specific type of coach and consultant on these Doing Roadmap Calls. So, in order for me to help, you need to meet this fairly stringent (but achievable) criteria. First, you need to have a legitimate business… In the coaching, consulting or professional services space. Think personal brands, authors, speakers, high ticket service providers That means no network marketers or e-commerce stores. The next criteria is that you need to already be doing.

5f. (Here’s Who It’s NOT For)

You need to have some level of momentum. Which means you are already advertising or are open to advertising your business…. Or you are currently coaching or consulting with clients in some capacity. Finally and most importantly.... you must now be ready to take things to the next level as a female entrepreneur.

If this sounds like you, now it’s your turn to decide… Say yes, and click the button below and let us map out a Doing Roadmap tailored specifically for your business...

But I must warn you time and Erica’s capacity is a factor. This opportunity is extremely limited. Why? Because of the intense one-one-one time needed for these Doing Roadmap calls.... It is actually physically impossible for Erica and I to work with more than a handful of people.

Now at this point, I’m sure you’re excited about joining Erica for a FREE Doing Roadmap Call... But there also might still be some questions holding you back from making the right decision for you and your business. I want to help answer that for you now :-) I’ve taken the top questions I’ve been asked about the Doing Roadmap Call with my Head Strategist and popped them in below with the answers... In case you were wondering the same thing.

5g. (Here’s What You Need To Do Next)

5h. (Here’s Why You Need To Act Now)

5i. (FAQs)

Question #1: What stage of business should I be in? Such a great question... To be honest, it doesn’t matter. All that you need to have is an awareness of your Genius Zone... whether you’ve been operating in that for 24 years, or you’ve never had a client, that part’s not important. As long as you’re a hardcore Doer with a Genius Zone at hand, you’ll have serious chances of success implementing the strategies inside The Doing Roadmap Call ;-)

Question #2: What if I’ve never created a program or service? Again - no worries! We’ll be doing exactly that on the call - my business strategist will help you determine exactly what your program or service could be in your biz model. Whether it’s high ticket coaching, a retreat, a group training program, 1:1, Done-For-You or anything in between.. My business strategist will be there to help you narrow down exactly what to focus on moving forward.

Question #3: How long will the call last? You’ll have half an hour with my strategist - a good chunk of time, I know! All you’ll need is a paper and pen, and a Doing attitude - of course. You can also schedule the call in YOUR timezone (you’ll see that on the booking page), so hopefully you can find a slot that works perfectly for you.

Question #4 Will this work for a professional services business? Yes! These calls are exclusively for coaches, consultants AND professional service businesses. You can still have elements of Done-For-You but you may want to diversify and move onto more of an online space. Or you may just want to streamline your professional services (which I’m really good at from my agency days!)

Question #5: Can I schedule it in my timezone? Yes! We work with girlies all around the world, that’s why these calls are so popular and fill out so quickly! If the calendar says ‘closed’ that’s because the spots are all filled up, but if there are spaces left, you’ll be able to choose which time slots are still available in your timezone. That way you can choose what works for you ;-)

Question #6: Do I need to do anything to prepare? Just a little bit. I’ll send you through an application form - it’s basically just a questionnaire. That will help both you AND my business strategist prepare for the call, so you can jump straight into the nitty gritty together and not waste time :-) This application form is a prerequisite of the call, so if we don’t receive it before your scheduled appointment, we’ll have to cancel your call. It’s unfortunately a sign that you’re not a Doer, so please take the time to fill out your short application form as soon as you register.

Question #7: How long is this opportunity avaliable for? I can’t say an exact time or date. This is only available until all the spots are filled, and you’ll be able to see that when you hit the calendar page to book. But from experience, it won’t be available for long.

So, with that being said.... Please understand that the window of opportunity to secure one of these limited spots... won’t be open for long. When they’re gone, they’re gone. So click the button below to secure your call so we can help you create the Ultimate Doing Shortcut... Your very own Doing Roadmap for 2019.

5j. (Final CTA)

5k. (Final P.S.)

The Business Accelerator

A Four Week Immersive Mastermind That Will Accelerate 

Your Business Faster Than You Thought 

Humanly Possible

Pay Now

A Limited Time Offer From 

Emily Fisher, SSH Business Consulting 

The Business Accelerator

* So You Can Build Your Business Faster!!

* Have more time for the things that matter

* Finally start making the money, impact and influence you know you are meant for

From The Desk of Emily Fisher Nova Scotia, NS, Canada

I'm SO happy and excited for you that you found this sales page.  

Your life and business is about to change for the better!!

What is the one thing currently missing from your business?  That one thing that will accelerate your business faster than anything else?


You may think you have support, but I'm here to tell you 


Your current support system has reached it's peak, and you know it, 

LISTEN to your instincts.

You are here because you have reached your peak and your current potential.  That's why you are still reading.

You are here right now because you want something MORE

You deserve MORE





You deserve IT ALL, 

Everything your mind can conceive 


The good news, you know it!  You know you deserve it all.

The bad news?

And you can't get it on your own

It's just not physically possible.

You need support, the right support.

The great news?

You are in the exact right spot to get that support.

I'm called to share this with you.

Masterminds, when done properly with the right people 







I feel compelled to share this with you

If you

Masterminding in this atmosphere will bring you immediate results.  

Results that can't be found by

 This is something that I’ve been fortunate enough to discover... 

After working with entrepreneurs world wide and running 3 successful businesses for over 17 years now, 

I've narrowed down the exact fool proof Mastermind that will literally light a fire under your ass 

make you feel alive again 

you will instantly be brought back to the purpose and passion that's seemed to be missing lately. 

 it down so you.

 So, if you’re a business owner who has struggled to grow your business…. OR Maybe you might even be doing ok but feel like there is


Then this will be the most important group you will join in 2020

The Business Accelerator

Here’s Why...

What if I were to tell you thattruly believe there is a way for you to finally create that business you set out to create... Plus to remove all those stumbling blocks that have stopped you from doing this until now.

What's included?

Daily Accountability (you will not find this anywhere else)