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Feel Sexy, Get Fit, Have Fun


The next blog post will be available Tuesday February 25th, and a new post will be available consistently every Tuesday moving forward.

Day 29 (February 05, 2020)

I'm starting over again on day 29..

I had been doing a post everyday.. and I did and then some how day 29 and 30 got erased, and they were SO GOOD, it's worth saying day 29 and 30 were most likly the best two days I had written to date. 

And just like that they disappeared, never to be seen again.

At first I though ah well, I remember what I wrote to a degree, I'll just write it again. 

And then I got stubborn, and decided to say screw you blog I'm not re-writing them.  NO WAY.

It actually got me to start looking at the 'blog' and the way I'm doing things, in a different light.

It makes no sense for me to write a blog post everyday.  Not now.  It did at first.. until I set the habit and got the blog running, the website up and the offers and programs readily available for purchase.

They say it takes 21 days to form a habit.  Some say less, some say more.

After the 21 days, 30 in my case, the habit was set in place.  The habit of showing up and working on my business every damn day.  I did it.  It wasn't about writting a blog post everyday, it was about putting one foot in front of the other and re starting this business after only working on it lesurily for the past 2 years.  I took a little  break after I had my second daughter in 2018.

I never abandon the business I just got out of the habit and the routine and enjoyed my time being Mom.

It's easy to come back.  You need to make a decision and a commitment and then show up, every damn day until the habit has been reformed.  If you miss a day within the 21 days then you go back and start all over again.

If you want it bad enough you will find a way and it will work.

You just have to show up.


Day 28 

Today January 28th, 2011 was the day that changed my life 9 years ago.

  The day my first daughter was born.

I knew that having a child was life changing but I had 


I had absolutely no idea what I was in for.

At the time I had a successful landscaping business.  I had planned on having her and going back to work 4 weeks later.  

I saw an article where a successful business woman that I admired went back to work 4 weeks later and I thought: 

well if she's doing it I should be able to do it too.

4 weeks came, and it was time to leave my baby and go back to work.  I thought I would start with half days.  I didn't even make it 3 hours and I had to come home for the day.  I tried again the next day.. again 3 maybe 4 hours in and I came home AGAIN.  

I cried when I had to leave in the morning and I would cry while I was at work.  I was a new Mom, a tired Mom and more importantly I had formed an attachment that I had never felt quicker than I thought was humanly possible.

It would be another 2 weeks before I would return to work full time, and I dreaded going EVERYDAY and leaving my precious baby at home.

I knew 3 months in to working full time with a newborn there had to be a better way.

I would drive by new Moms and moms with toddlers walking their precious baby's in strollers on the streets and I would feel guilty, I would feel angry, I would feel... a whole slew of 'bad' emotions and I thought; Why can't I do that!!!??

I was working IN my business.  And at that point I hadn't structured the business to run with out me.  I was trapped. 

I hadn't realized it until this pivotal moment and I hadn't realized it until my sweet baby was born how trapped I really was!

I knew that having a child was life changing but I had


To be cont....


Day 27

I cannot stress enough the importance of the daily routine.

And it's especially important if you are an entrepreneur.

Being an entrepreneur CAN BE stressful.  

YOU can make it less stressful by having a healthy daily routine.

Think what you eat, what you listen to, what time you wake up, taking care of you body, 

showering at the same time, flossing your teeth, doing the same repetitive 'shit' every day.


The very thing you were trying to get away from by leaving your job.

Yes that very thing, 

the monotonous routine.. 

THAT is what will cut down on your stress and help sky rocket your business.



Day 26

Day 25

How do you decided; what to do next?

You listen.

You always know the next move,

and you ALWAYS know the answer.

You know the answer to any and every question you ask yourself.

You might not always like the answer.

But one thing I am certain of is


How do you listen?

You sit down and listen, you look in the mirror and listen, you go to work and listen or you do whatever YOU need to do


and listen.

What works for me may not work for you and what works for you now might not work next week or even tomorrow.

That's the joy of life: things are constantly changing.

But one constant that never changes is the correct answer.

You really can create any life you want

If you think it you can create it.

Here are the steps: (2 parts)

1. Think it up (Dream Big)

2. Take action towards 'that thing you want'

This is the simplest version.

You think it and you put one foot in front of the other and you get it.

Are you over complicating it?

I've literally gotten everything I've thought of, using this method.

Sometimes I've obtained them quickly, sometimes I've obtained them through blood, sweat, and tears.

I've attracted the good, the great, the amazing the bad, the horrible and ugly.

You get what you consistently think about

You get what you constantly talk about

You get what you fear.

Yes you always attract the think you fear.

It is said you attract what you LOVE< FEAR< AND HATE

There is no way around this.

Your job is to obtain what you LOVE

It's your duty to attract what you LOVE

It's your job on this year to obtain every wonderful thing you can imagine WHEN

it comes from a genuine place of love.

You deserve this.

Maybe you weren't trained to think this way.. but it's now your job to train yourself to think this way.

What you talk about matters , what you think about and what the people around you are thinking and talking about as well.

Guard your mind like you would guard a newborn baby.

Feed your mind daily.

And remember you get everything your mind conceives so make sure your thoughts are GREAT.

You have one life, choose wisely.


Day 24

Do not work by the hour.

Work by the result.

What result to does your client get by working with you?

What result do you deliver to your client.

If you work by the hour the client will only value you by the price you are charging per hour.

Also if you are working by the hour you will eventually max yourself out. You will hit an income celling and everything will start to go stagnant.

Part of your success as an entrepreneur will be in your ability to adapt

quickly to higher levels of success and new situations but also to be investing in your business.

Which means you need to be investing in yourself, your business, your education, maybe

this means investing in new vehicles or marketing, or WHATEVER YOU NEED TO GROW.

Sometimes the clients I work with get this, they get it, they do it and they feel it and embody it deeply.

Sometimes they do this very well!

The issues fall when they start taking from places they should not be taking from and over investing in places they should not be investing in.

How do you know what and where to invest?

This is where the importance of a mentor, coach or consultant comes in..

Let me quickly rephrase that.. this is where the right mentor, coach or consultant comes into play!

The right professional can quickly guide you in the right direction and faster than

you could if on your own (think trial and error) and what it's worth to avoid costly mishaps.

This being said you MUST pick someone you trust, who is coming from a place of service,

and isn't interested in making quick money and getting you in and out the door.

This goes for you as well in your own business.

For you to have long lasting success you must come from a place of service but please listen when I say:



This being said my best advice when you are starting off for the first time in business or if you are starting something new. Just start.

Sometime you know when you know when you know.

And your job is to just take the next step forward.

Someone famous said: (if I knew I would quote, him/her, and will most likely come back and properly quote them)

When in doubt take the first step and the next step will reveal itself.

Well said, slow clap, and words to live by.

Anything I write, or say I was you to always look at objectively, and pick and choose what you like and what works for you.

Everything I write comes from an honest perspective and from a place of service to help you avoid or

swerve around some of the pit falls of entrepreneurship.

My hope for you is that you go as far as your mind can imagine, and you do it in good health while experiencing prosperity and joy.


Day 23


I feel like I could leave it at that.

Always be educating yourself.

It NEVER STOPS. This. (educating yourself) 'should' go on and happen for:


It's a privilege to have been placed on earth and it's your duty as a human being to become the best version of yourself.

If you're an entrepreneur it's in your DNA to strive to be the best version of yourself.

What allows you to have a continual flow of money,

love, abundance, and growth is educating yourself in ALL AREAS of your life and business.

There's educational content on absolutely every topic imaginable available online, you can educate online, or offline, consume free content of paid, go to college, university, night courses day courses, long distance courses, you name it it's available.

I always tell people you will never regret going to school or getting an education.

Do you have to get an education to be successful?

No, that being said everyone walking the earth will and has a slightly different version of what 'success' means to them.

My mother always says 'Education is one thing that can never be taken away from you'

While owning my first successful Landscaping Business, I always took it to heart when people would comment and say 'what schooling do you have'? Often I would feel bad that I only took a one year landscaping dipolma and feel 'not good enough' or ashamed that I hadn't taken a longer more extensive program.

Than being said I was great at what I did and I honestly feel you learn more doing than you do learning,

that being said you need to learn and then do, learn and then do, learn and then do.

Where you get in trouble or stay stanet is when you learn, learn, learn and never take action on doing.

For the 'doers' that neglect learning, you do, do, do and at some point you hit a ceiling,

either an income ceiling or a relationship ceiling or a body, or being ceiling where you stop progressing, this type of ceiling usually hits the hardest, and when and if you realize it's 'time to learn' you are often so burnt out and out of the swing of things that it's extreamly uncomfortable to start learning or studying.

The same for learning. You may be learning and so immersed in becoming smarter that you stop taking action towards the goal, or maybe you don't have a goal. Maybe someone told you 'if you get good grades, or if you study hard you will get (fill in the blank) only you never seem to be obtaining (fill in the blank) because you never took the actions necessary to get you there.

Is this making sense or sound famililar?

Learning and doing go hand in hand. Learning and doing are in a life long relationship, and the stronger the relationship the more success.

Ignorance is bliss, but knowledge is power.

All paths are hard if you make them hard, all paths are easy if you make them easy,

and by make them easy I mean you choose to look at everything, I MEAN everything in a positive light, with a positive undertone, and see the world and the things that are happening to you as things that are happening for you and for the greater good.

See the world as aligning to ALWAYS bring you the things you want and that

everything that happens is a result of you being guided in the best possible direction for you and for your greater good.

By becoming wiser, more knowledgeable and by taking consistent action you can succeed at whatever you set your sights on.


Day 22

The decisions that will move your business forward the fastest

are the decisions that are the hardest to make.

And you must make these decisions quickly.

The longer you stay in indecision the more money it will cost you.

I always say it's better to make the 'wrong decision' than it is to make no decision at all.

At least if you make the 'wrong decision' you made a move.

(things in motion, stay in motion)

The thing with business is if you're going to be successful you'll only make the 'wrong decision' a handful

of times before you become wise, aware and trust yourself enough to not continually make the right decision.

If you are going to be successful you need to continually make the right decision more often.

This sounds like common sense but often times entrepreneurs get caught up in making no decision at all.

Which in the long run is 10 times more damaging to your business because I honestly compare it cold molasses.

If molasses gets cold does it move quickly?


Does it take longer to heat up when it's cold?


You always want to stay warm, balanced and level.

When you are consistently staying level and balanced in your life and business you are more apt to make better judgments and decisions.

Three ways you can stay level and balanced:

1. Sleep (Do no hustle your life away! Sleep is fuel.

Slow and steady wins the race, slow, steady and well rested makes for better decision making.

2. Food (Food is fuel, healthy food is god!

it's what your body NEEDS to be able to make clear and concise decisions.

3. Laughter (Happy, joyful people make decisions from a place of joy and love,

not love in an attachment sense but love in a the sense the decisions comes from a place of love

and keeps all parties in mind with what is in the best interest of all involved.

These are the top three recommendations that will assist you in

making a proper decision that you can stand by,

and the three things that will assist you in making the 'right decision' more often.

When you come from a place of love and your body is in the right state it will help you

make a decision that is

consistent and reliably the 'right decision' time and time again.

Every decision you make has room for you to grow, learn and become a better, stronger entrepreneur.



Day 21

Distractions by the boat load..

This is what happens when you are a stay at home, solopreneur.

Add in kids, animals, phone calls, social media, and oh so much more..

How do you get ANYTHING DONE?

Honestly, for the most part you probably don't,

or you get very little done

And even less done compared to the amount of work you actually seem to be putting in.

It's said that on average you are most likely only getting 90 productive minutes in per day.

Yes just 90 minutes, if your lucky.

If you work for 3 hours.. you're only getting in 90 productive minutes,

If you work 8 hours.. you're still only getting in 90 productive minutes..

and if you 10 hours, yup you guessed it you are STILL only getting in 90 productive minutes!

Crazy right?!

The solution will sound even crazier..

Work for just 90 minutes.

That's it, 90 minutes and done.

This concept is from the former owner of Success Magazine: Darren Hardy.

He speaks about this in a YouTube video, and how he discovered the concept when he was a real estate agent.

The video is worth searching and watching, I tried to search it out quickly for you but didn't have luck right away.

The Coles notes version, is what I said above, you only actually work a productive 90 minutes a day. When you spread the work out over 5,8,10 hours you will have unlimited distractions and ultimately become unproductive.

It's said that every time you are interrupted it takes you

20 minutes to get back to the exact spot or place that you were before you were interrupted.

Honestly how many times are you interrupted everyday?

I'm guessing A LOT! eh!? yes! you and I both know it's A LOT.

And if you have NO accountability, good luck with getting anything worth while done.

Business is supposed to be FUN! you are supposed to make money, live a great life style, have freedom, try and experience amazing things!

Are you currently doing all of these things?

I'm guessing the answer is NO, especially if you are still reading this right now.

You are who I help, the hopeful entrepreneur who STILL

has hope, who is still holding on to high in the sky dream that you KNOW you will make it to..

I want to help you get there faster!!

Faster than you can imagine!

I know you can do it. You just have to make a few simple, and I mean SIMPLE SHIFTS and you will get there!

Let me ask you this

If you continue to do what you are doing in one month from now,

will you still be in the same place? or even worse will you will have gone backwards?

I used to know all of this too well.. getting behind, not being productive and

I also know it's a daily practice to be able to work just

90 minutes a day,

especially when you are used to working massive amounts of time.

And then what do you do with your left overtime?

You use it to study and become smarter, you spend the extra time grooming yourself,

working out, and working on your mindset, you use the time to spend time with your kids, your friends, your family,

you used your extra time meditating, and doing things that bring you joy :)

You my dear use your extra time to rest, to heal, and to daydream.

Why? Because you are worth more that working all the time. You are worth more than the stress, and you deserve MORE.

And if you think you don't, I'm here to tell you, you do!


Day 20

Your morning and your evening determines your entire day!

Most people will say it's solely the morning routine that will set the tone for the day,

they are WRONG,

what you do the evening before is just as important.


Because taking care of yourself in the evening is what winds you down, and it's an opotunity to get an upperhand on the following day.

Here are the 5 most important night time and morning routine, rituals that will assure your success, give you added confidence and assure clarity to kick the days ass:

Night time

#1 Wash up!

I personally enjoy taking a bath/ soak in Epson salt, oil,

or an aroma therapy bath balm it washes away the day, soothes and relaxes your muscles

#2 Cream all over your body, or at least your feet.

Remember when you were a baby or maybe you have a baby or maybe this is news to you,

but when a baby gets out of the tub.. you put cream on them.

It relaxes them and puts moisture back on their little sweet baby body. Pretend you're a baby..

Put cream on you body :)

#3 Shut off devices at least 30 minutes before

#4 Write down at least 3-5 things that you are grateful for,

and actually feel the feeling of truly being grateful.

#5 Pick out your clothes for the next day..

it takes ALL the guess work out of trying to pick the clothes out! Trust me.


#1 Stretch, you can even do this in bed, I made up my own in bed yoga routine..

seriously I stretch while I'm in bed.. I have to be the chilliest lazy successful person I know..

I love my bed and sleeping.. and if I can kill two birds with one stone, why not? I call it in bed yoga.

#2 Shower, yes I shower again when I wake up, if you don't want to shower at least wash your face!

I recommend showering again because you sweat while you sleep..

#3 and then do the whole cream situation again.. if you take it away (the moisture) you have to put it back

and it's a good way to focus on yourself

Anything that causes you to tune in with yourself and focus on yourself is AMAZING

#4 Feed your mind, either read or listen to a positive, uplifting audio.

#5 Prime (look up Tony Robbins priming on YouTube)

you don't have to do the whole thing..

I suggest getting the motion down pat and then doing 3 sets of 30

and then either write down the things you are grateful for or intentionally visualize them :)

Do these five things at night and in the morning and watch how quickly your entire life is transformed.



Day 19

Stop looking at other peoples stuff!

Yes you! Stop looking at other people in your industry's 'stuff'

photos, videos, programs, social media pages, ect.

You've done enough research, taken enough courses, and done enough browsing around,

It's time to stop!

Check yourself before you wreck yourself!

You might be a makeup artist, a coach, a real estate agent, a musician, a foodie, a decorator, or an online strategist..

(I'm just naming a few of the occupations from people I know follow me or use my coaching services..)

Whatever you do or who you are, I know you've been guilty of this

or are guilty of over indulging in watching, snooping people in your industry or in an industry you may want to be in, or even people you strive to be like or posses the same qualities as.

It's great to do research, but sometimes the research can be overly consuming your time and resources.

I want you to become aware of this NOW so your realize sooner rather than later;

shit I've spent hours, days, weeks, or even years 'researching'

which is really just glorified self indulgent social media creeping and comparing.

You may be caugh in the trap of 'wanting to learn more' or 'do better'

which is a great thing! and should be a daily practice

You may have maintained your life and business but you haven't actually made progress, real progress..

What do I mean by 'real progress'?

You are sitting at or around the same income level, the same amount of employees, the same (fill in the blank)

Basically everything is the same... same shit different day, same shit different year..

Your goals you made seem further away than ever,

So you just go on another crazy social media binge, downloading this and watching that and going down yet another social media rabbit hole

'looking for answers' and trying to find motivation

The secret?

Get off social media and....


Day 18


A few months back I attended a speed-networking event where business students interviewed me and roughly 15 other business owners.

One of the questions I was asked by a female student was, “How do you find balance?”

The student was concerned about how she was going to balance her personal life, being a mom, cleaning, cooking, and running a business.

My reply was, “There is no balance!”

There is always something that is going to be out of balance, especially in the early stages of starting a business.

That’s part of the fun and the rush is solving the problems!

I'm 17 years in and I still find that there is never a perfect balance.

You just have to go with it.

Embrace it, and dive in remembering that it will be uncomfortable.

Your job is to navigate through the uncomfortable and to learn enjoy it.

Here are a five of my favorite tips to make things run more smoothly and create a little bit of balance:

1) Don't try to be so perfect! Often times when we try to make things perfect, they either don't get done or they take way longer then they should to get done. Everything you do does not have to be perfect.

2) Allot time in your schedule for different activities. It’s easy to get wrapped up in your business and neglect other duties like house cleaning, exercise, or me time. Set certain times for certain activities and actually do them! It does not have to be every day, but if you do not schedule time for yourself, it isn't going to happen.

3) Do not multi-task! This is difficult for women to do because we are so great at it. Well, really it's not always a good thing because things don’t get done well when you do multiple things at once. Also, you will feel overwhelmed and even more disconnected if you keep yourself doing a million things at once. Try to do one thing at a time. You will get so much more accomplished.

4) Set timers. I clean each room in my house for just 5 minutes a day. Yes, just 5 minutes a room per day. You will be amazed at how clean and clutter free you can keep your house. Set your timer and go! When the five minutes is up, you’re done. Even if you don't finish everything you would like to, believe me, after a few weeks of doing this, eventually you will finish everything in 5 minutes. Sometimes I do one minute in each room in the morning; it gets me up and energized.

5) Make a plan each day. Name the top 3 things that you want to get done that day and focus your energy on these three things. Often when you make a long to- do list, you tend to choose easier or more favored things off the list. Then you end up not making it to the most important tasks. Those tasks just carry on to the next day. It may seem like you got a lot done off your list, but often it is more a case of you doing busy work opposed to getting the most important tasks done.

Although I believe there is no such thing as the perfect balance, there are definitely ways you can improve balance issues by getting yourself in a routine.

Sincerely Emily


Blog Day 17

As human begins there is ONE thing that continually make us feel fulfilled.

Any guesses?

The answer is:


What makes us feel fulfilled is seeing progress.

Progress in our bodies, our business, our relationships, or any area of our lives or business or even our clients lives and businesses.

This was one of my favorite things about the landscaping industry and owning one of my first businesses.

I was able to see transformations almost instantly at the clients properties and it was extremely rewarding.

There came a point where I hit an income ceiling working in the field.

Once I became wiser I realized if I continued working in the field I would

never be able to surpass my income working IN my business so I separated myself from the manual labour part of my business and started working ON my business.

Once I separated myself from the actual manual labour part of the business I started making substantially more money which was amazing!! but I was actually becoming less and less fulfilled almost daily.

This is where and when a huge light bulb went off that I wasn't fulfilled.

I was now solely in charge of quoting, billing, and managing my employees. I was no longer 'building' and I discovered that's where my passion really in this particular business.

The issues were.. Landscaping was hard on my body, it's is a masculine field, I was a workaholic and I wanted to actually start building a family and actually spending quality time with a family and my daughter (at this point I was a single mom)

Things changed. I wasn't seeing progress. And I miserable.

I was published in a magazine for a landscaping job we did, I was nominated for a local business award, I started attending networking and business seminars and I started realizing: I LOVE DRESSING UP! I loved being feminine.

This was new!

After emerging myself in business and personal development seminars I started seeing massive progress in a new area;


I realized I was worth more, and I wanted more I realized there were endless possibilities out there.

Landscaping wasn't the only option so I sold my business after 11 years, I followed my intuition and started a Life Coaching and Business Consulting Business.

With this business I am continually faced with having to up level EVERY area of my own life and business to stay consistent with and congruent and in integrity with the nature of my business.

My whole life revolves around progress and fulfilment.

I encourage and teach my clients to do the same.

If you are feeling like there is MORE out there for you and you would like to have an immediate breakthrough please click the link below and schedule a 30 minute breakthrough session I would be honored to help.


Blog Day 16

Eat That Frog

This is a great analogy of what it means to get the shitty tasks over with first.

I do not mean literally eat a frog, but what I do mean is every day you wake up there is always going be that one thing that you dread doing...

this is the frog.

Let’s pretend that every day you wake up there is a frog sitting there watching you.

This frog follows you everywhere you go all day long.

At some point you are required to eat the frog.

(Note: the first time I heard this, I thought it was crazy, but it really does work to think of it this way.

Repeat in your head, “Eat that frog” over and over until you get the not-so-fun task over with)

If you eat the frog right away, you avoid having to think about the dreadful thought of eating the frog all day long.

You could choose not to eat it at all.

Hey, that's an option, too.

The only catch is tomorrow, there will be two frogs, and next day, three frogs.

Wake up, eat the frog, and just get it over with.

Either way, it's not fun, but if you choose to eat the frog first, it's done and you can save the time and energy that would have been wasted worrying about it.

Now you can devote that time and energy to something more productive like growing your empire.

Your biggest worry for the day is gone and the rest

of your day is now virtually worry-free.

No more frog!

Wouldn't that be nice.

Eat That Frog

Day Fifteen

Just do it, and then it's done!

My 88-year-old grandfather started, owned and ran a very successful construction business.

He's an extremely hard worker, and over the years he has given me tons of business and life advice that is invaluable to me.

His concepts are simple and they work.

His best piece of advice, the one that I heard almost daily, is, “Just do it and then it’s done.”

I'll give you an example.

My bookkeeper asked me to send him two past estimate prices for billing purposes.

One of them was super easy to find, taking me just 5 seconds to locate, while the other one took a little longer since it was a matter of searching my email folders.

I quickly sent him the total of the first one via text.

I was literally texting the words, “I will send you the other one later”

when my grandfather’s voice popped in my head and said, “Just do it and then it’s done.”

It literally took me less than three minutes to locate the other price and send him that one as well.

In my mind, I was thinking,

“Oh my god, this could take a while, what if I don't find it right away, I’m going to have to log-in to my old email account, and blah blah blah, excuses, excuses.’

Overall, I was dreading the process.

Seriously three minutes wasn't that bad.

This one is the funniest one.

The last person who lived in my house had duck cutouts on three large handles in my kitchen.

I had the task of removing them on my to-do list. They were literally up there for close to two years before I even attempted to remove them.

I was thinking I was going to have to soak them, use cleaners and it would be messy and sticky.

Multiple times I fretted over how the process would be so messy. Multiple times I wrote and re-wrote the task on multiple to do lists for TWO YEARS!

I finally thought, “I'm going to try and just rip at a little loose corner and see what I'm dealing with here.”

To my surprise, the duck cutout came off easily and with NO mess. I could not stop laughing.

I tried the other two, and, same thing, they came right off.

I spent way too much time thinking and worrying about how difficult this task was going to be, and it was literally one of the easiest things I've ever done


“Just do it, and then it’s done.” Just frigging do it!

Day Fourteen

Always Be Learning

Once you know what your passion is, always be learning about it. The quickest way to move forward is to immerse yourself in the field of work you are interested in, and learn every aspect you can about the subject, the business, and the way the business works. You can learn a lot by listening to and reading from other people’s experiences. You will also save yourself from making the same major mistakes. Learn every little detail possible.

This is a sure fire way to move you closer to success.

Instead of wasting time sitting in front of the television watching reality shows in the evening, listen to podcasts, read blogs, explore new websites, or watch YouTube videos. I am always learning, and I encourage you to do the same. If you want to succeed, move forward, and grow your business, you have to invest in self-education and be learning every single day!

Here are a few tips to get you started:

1) I suggest asking yourself a few questions. What aspects of your passion and business, or even a new hobby, excite you the most? If you knew ____________ it would be a huge benefit to you and your business. What do you want to accomplish from learning about _____________? Do you want to start a business? Do you want to grow an existing business? Be very clear on your intentions and what you want to learn about so you don't spend hours browsing the internet and come away feeling like you didn't accomplish a whole lot.

2) Set aside a certain time each day strictly for learning and self-educating. It could be 30 minutes to an hour first thing in the morning listening to a podcast on the way to work or maybe an hour before bed; whatever works best for you. You don't want to make it a chore, or you won't feel like doing it. If you don't feel like you have time, make time!

Make it easy! If at first you feel like you don’t have time, start with listening. I listen to business podcasts while I'm driving and cleaning my house. I put earphones in at home and clean. I play a video on my iPad while I cook supper.

With today’s technology, you can learn so much by listening and watching videos on a particular subject opposed to having to read what you want to learn. That way, you can easily accomplish two things at once.

3) Throughout the day, if questions arise that you aren’t sure about or you think you would benefit from knowing, write them down! Then later look it up as soon as you get home, or even Google it right there on the spot if you have a smart phone. If a customer asks you a question you aren’t sure about, say, “That’s a great question. I will get back to you on that.” Then look it up and get back to them within 24 hours. The best way to learn is to read or listen and then tell someone about what you learned. If you do this, you have a 90% chance of retaining the information you learned.

Educate, educate, educate, learn, learn, learn.

If you invest the time in educating yourself, you will have an amazing competitive edge because you are always learning and becoming more knowledgeable in

your field. It’s a win-win situation!

Day Thirteen

Hello friend! Thank you for continually reading my posts and supporting me and my blog :)

I just got super side tracked after I wrote the first line..

I went on Facebook, to the living room, the kitchen, put lipstick on, played with my hair, came back to the computer.. and then convinced myself I NEEDED to take a selfie to go with this post..

I wasn't able to commit to the selfie so I went back on Facebook.. and I'm not going to bore you with all the other little details of what I was doing.. but what I will tell you is


Sometimes YOU have to be your own 'parent' or 'teacher' or 'coach' 'mastermind group', or 'accountability partner'

Sure you could hire one (and honestly I think you should) It will sky rocket your success..

But for now or tomorrow you 'should' take action and


Maybe you have been avoiding 'the work' because you don't know what the next step is?


You ALWAYS know what your next step is.

The reason you are currently not taking 'the next step'?

Because you aren't yet committed to the outcome, or maybe you don't have an outcome?!

Which reminds me of a quote:

If you don't know where you're going how are you going to get there?

Tip: know your outcome.

What if you know your outcome?

What's the issue then?

Back to what I said earlier.. You aren't committed.

It's like being married, you're either married or not married.

Are you married to your business? or married to the idea of your plan for the future?

Where do you start?

Easy you write it down!

Write that shit down!!

When you write it down you are 80% more likely to accomplish it!

Day Twelve

Good evening :) I'm just sitting down now to write my blog at 10:02pm.

Yesterday I did the blog in the morning.

It felt awesome to wake up and get it done! I felt empowered!!

I was almost finished and ready to insert the PayPal links to one of my coaching programs and I was so kindly interrupted.

Grrrrr.. they say when you are interrupted it takes 20 minutes to get back to the point where you left off.

Picture the 'perfect' flow of work getting done and then you are interrupted..

but next picture this..

you ONLY work one hour a day.. and in that hour you must be so entirely productive that you accomplish the amount of work that would bring in as much as a 'normal' persons 8-10 hour work day..

SO if being interrupted takes you 20 mintures off course and you only get an hour.. that means you only got to work 40 minutes, you lost 20 minutes SO you made less money. Whomp whomp!

Time is precious! let me repeat that YOUR TIME IS PRECIOUS!

Your peace, your quiet and tranquility is SO important.

From experience, working from home, and especially working with 3 children, there are bound to be interruptions.

All three of them are so darn cute, so really it's ok.

It's caused me to be REALLY SMART with my time. Making the most of every second that I have to work.

This is just a quick post tonight..

I'm going to go wash my face, but cream on my piggy's and put my little miss Brooke back to sleep (she's a little bit ill tonight and having trouble sleeping)

Take care and I'll be back tomorrow :)


Day Eleven

Oh hi, it's me. This is day eleven. I'm going to try and write this post this morning instead of in the evening at 11am or 12 am at night.

Last night I feel like I had very little energy left to put into it.

My day yesterday was spent cleaning my house, wiping bums (the babies, I have 2 under two), working here and there when I got a chance (work normally comes dead last)

Lets talk about that for a minute, putting work dead last.

I read A LOT that you need to put your business FIRST.. the issue with this is when you put your business first.. you risk getting in a mad flow of working and then neglecting your other priorities.. as in yourself (self care) your kids, family, friends, or whatever your priorities are.

Yeah sure putting your business first you can make A LOT of money. Woo Hoo MONEY!

but.. the other areas suffer.

Tony Robbins says success with out fulfilment is the ultimate failure.

To have a sustainable, successful, fulfilled life, most people need a balanced life. You can't neglect certain areas of your life and then magically come back to them and think that they will have stayed the same.

Every area takes time and effort.

From experience I like to put as little effort in as needed and get the biggest return LOL, I'm just being honest. This gives me time to enjoy my surroundings and day dream, relax and read.

That being said I also enjoy working hard, building the muscle in all areas of my life.

The key though is balance, and this also takes work.

This is the secret.. you MUST have only 3 priorities that you balance inbetween. You can concentrate momentarily or intensley on one but then you will need to come back and step it up in the other areas.

'Stepping it up' often means hiring or asking for help, outsourcing, having help come into your home, enrolling your kids in an extra curricular activity and so much more.

It's whatever works for you.

Remember from post one or two? You do you boo.

Take into consideration outside reliable sources and advice , like myself, (and in an upcoming post I'll make you a list of reliable people you can study and follow as well)

THIS; stepping it up is easy at first hard in the middle and wonderful in the end, and when you reach the end you start all over again, only new and smarter.

To keep climbing there is a degree of work that you must do on yourself on the decluttering and healing of your thoughts, emotions and past wounds to be able to actually move forward.

If this step must be done! There are NO WAYS around doing this step.

Day Ten

Omg I almost erased everything lol.. If you're reading this blog on Facebook or Instagram you won't know what I mean unless I explain..

Right now I'm writing this blog on a website builder, Vista Print.

It's costs roughly $10 a month, and with the hosting $10 a month...

I think I may have gotten these for a less expensive price through GoDaddy.

I had always gone with GoDaddy, and loved it.. I would stay up late and work on my wordpress site. (which is a type of website builder)

The old school way was HTML and I actually know of people who still use this..

My first website over 20 years ago was HTML.

I was in grade 7 or 8 and I made a website about all the things I liked and hated.

I remember the only thing I had on the hate list was an article I wrote about how I disliked when people still had their Christmas wreaths up in the middle of the summer and how they would turn brown and gross.

It wasn't until 20 something, I was in school taking entrepreneurship in Dartmouth, NS that I lightly touched on online sales, which opened me up slightly to the possiblility on the online world.. although it was dim.

It wouldn't be until 5 years later that I was introduced to Facebook. I remember being SO resistant. I did not want a Facebook Profile, at all. Nope, nadda, wasn't interensted.

If he remembers or not, my brother actually signed me up.

Roughly another year went by and I wasn't supper interested in it, I remember that winter when I did become interested in it I spent an entire day 'figuring it out'

The first Facebook layout was and wasn't super user friendly.

It took a bit of navigating.

But did that stop Facebook from moving forward with the platform? HELL NO..

They just kept on trucking forward and improving day by day.

I'm not going to go into detail about Facebook and the success story behind Mark Zuckerburg. <-- who doesn't know about Mark Zuckerburg?!

(check out the Netflix documentary: The Social Network 2010.

Actually now I'm going to go re watch this documentary because it's been a while!

My middle daughter just woke up so I have to put her back to sleep xo

What was your takeaway from this post?

Day Nine

Let's get this party started! It's day nine!

Did you have a productive day?

I watched a Tony Robbins video the other day about New Years Resolutions.

The vast majority of people make and break their resolutions within the first 15 days.

I read another book quite some time ago that said to make something stick you need to commit to it for 21 days, other say 30, or 40 days others say 90.

I'm sure every person is slightly different.

I believe a major consideration in something sticking is NSISTENTCY.

I thought about this word a lot today and off and on over the last few days.

A lot of the online marketers that I follow preach that consistency is the key to being successful. And the online marketers that are successful.. are consistent, go figure.

I've studied and compared the creative online marketers in my niche up against the logical brained entrepreneurs and have found overall consistency in marketing is what brings in the most money.

The logical brain entrepreneurs and the creatives seem to make similar incomes (7-8 figures) and although both are showing up consistently but the most prevalent differences are in organization and in the amount of time the logicals show up compared to the creatives, and in the manors in which they both show up.

The creatives 'show up', when they want, how they want, for how long they want.

The logicals show up when they say they will, on a schedule and consistently at the same date and time month and week in and out, over and over and over.

The logicals tend to sell you on this is there system and this is the way it works and this is the way that it is supposed to be.

The creatives sell you on their energy, and encourage to you listen to your intuition.

I feel as though both despise the others method.

I would say I relate more to the creative entrepreneur and their care free follow your dreams bit, but I would say I am often attracted to the logical entrepreneurs marketing, because it's pristine.

The creative in me will always tell you to do what works for you, what makes you happy, and what makes you feel good.

But the logical entrepreneur in me will tell you to a lot take advantage of your logical numbers, and orderly side of yourself as well. I feel you need both to be successful.

In different situations you need to be different people to accomplish different tasks.

I say 'know thy self' but also study and mentor with people who are slightly different than you, who have different perspectives, and qualities.

I think you always know what it is you should do, but live a little and follow a completely different method.

If you are creative, start studying the logical side of the business.

One of my clients argues with me that he should only concentrate on what he's good at, and I couldn't disagree more.

I believe we should often immerse ourselves in the areas we aren't good at, or things, tasks, activities that are completely out of the ordinary.

I allows your brain to start functioning differently and actually makes you smarter..

When you're smarter you make better decisions and become a stronger entrepreneur.

Find a balance between the logic self and the creative self and you'll make more money, keep your intuition sharp, feel productive, put together and happy.


Day Eight

I switched spots in the house where I normally write this blog.

I thought a change of scenery would be good, I would be more creative in my writing, I might think of something new or better..

But I'm actually stumped, kind of. Maybe its the TV that I can see in plain sight?

Shameless is on the TV. Have you seen it?

It's about a dysfunctional family, the mom and dad are alcoholics and the oldest sister has essentially raised her young brothers and sisters herself.

None of them look alike, likely the father isn't really the father to some of them, the kids smoke, they live in a shitty house, in a shitty part of town. The things that happen are crazy and absurd.

My favorite character is Fiona, the oldest sister and care giver to her young brothers and sisters.

I'm always routing for her to succeed, do better and destroy life, find love, buy nice things, not be stressed out so much, take care of her hair, wear makeup, stop being a hoe... You get the point.

But EVERY show just as she's heading up hill, and life is looking up, she finds an awesome guy.. she's finally getting to a good place. She somehow finds a way to sabotage it.

Can you relate. And where in your life can you relate?

We all do it.. self sabotage. I used to do it all the time, and I still can if I'm not careful.

How can we avoid self sabotage?

Always take care of ourselves and our needs so we are extremely self aware.

A self aware person is better able to recognize when they are about to or could potentially self sabotage.

Also when you take excellent care of yourself you'll feel more alive, well fed, happier and you'll make better decisions from this place,

The best way to take care of yourself is CONSISTENTLY.

And this happens with routine.

Being an entrepreur, the fancy stay at home kind. I have quite a bit of freedom to do what I like, which also includes staying in my pj's all day, if and when I like.

This is ALL good! It's amazing. But you also have to have a routine, that includes a lot of selfcare and pushing yourself to do the same thing normal people do.. get dresses up with fancy hair and makeup..

oh you know leave the house.. possibly talk to people in person, 'normal' people things that normal functioning humans do that we fancy stay at home entrepreneurs have to cohurst ourselves into doing.

ok this all I can write tonight, I need to be mindful of the time and get my beauty sleep..

I'll be back tomorrow :)

Day Seven

What shall I write about this evening?

First of all, how was your day?

I was 'go, go, go' today. (That's my definition for 'hustle, or 'chicken with my head cut off')

The two.. HUSTLE and CHICKEN WITH IT'S HEAD CUT OFF are very similar, and 'chicken with it's head cut off can often be mistaken for 'hustle'

The hustle is by definition (my definition) is: A smart, and productive way to do business, where one gets the most done, makes the most money, makes big, bold, smart strategic moves that advance the individual quickly and greatly in there entrepreneurial carrer, think: HELL YEAH, jump up and down decisions, phone calls, connections.

The chicken with it's head cut off IS just that... a business person, or any person really who runs around going from here to there and everywhere, where nothing quite makes sense (like you went to the grocery story 3 times) and to get gas twice because THAT is what you were being called to do today.

You are being what seems productive, and often times is, in the sense you got A LOT got done,

BUT was any of it high class productive business moves that advance your career? or were they bi-polor insanity that gave you the rush you were looking for to make yourself feel important and accomplished?

Was it busy work that could be outsourced? Grocery's, phone calls, house work, renos?

Was the busy work really just a way to avoid doing the REAL WORK?

And WHAT is the real work? And more importantly WHAT are you avoiding?

And the issue..? You know gd well what you are avoiding but YOU have no one to tell because you believe:

a: you will be judged

b. no one will understand

c. you're smart enough to figure it out on your own

d. if you tell someone else they 'won't get it' or they will give you the 'wrong advice'

e. maybe you wish someone would just make the decision for you AND do all the work..

So you throw a little bit more money at nonsense and you go do some more 'busy work' justifying it to yourself and possivly with a cute facebook post of selfie titled something along the lines of 'boss lady' or if you are a man 'the hustles real' or... you get the point..

you wasted more time, NOT doing the thing by looking up the perfect quote or taking the perfect selfie.

ok.. so.... Wake the fuck up and do the fucking work.

Why are you waiting for someone else gives you the answer? Or punishing yourself by running through the above a, b, c, d, e, over and over and over again?

You know the answer. And you know the correct answer, and decision isn't the easy one.

Make a decision NOW and take action on it right now!

And let me know what came up for you while reading this.

ps. I LOVE writing this blog everyday! I actually think about it when I wake up and get excited about writing it after I put the kids to bed.


Day Six

Is this text too small?

I have a wicked headache, earache, jaw ache.

Am I stressed, is it the smell of the candle?

Did I come in contact with someone's wonky energy.

Is it the drywall dust.

It's cold outside, did I drink enough water?

Am I stressed out or tired, overwhelmed perhaps?

Perhaps feeling unconnected, a little disorganized and mad that I'm not quite where I want to be.. YET..

Can you relate?

There is a 'good' version of focusing on yourself and a 'bad' version of focusing on yourself.

Above is the 'bad' version.

Above is the me, me, me.. over the top worrying about low level shitty shit that will not improve your life, or the lives of those around you.


Recognize when you are doing this,

Don't question why,

Why will send you down a whoooooole other rabbit hole of self inflicted misery.

What you need to do is turn the table and be of service to someone.


Who can you ask right now if they need help?

Being in the self development industry, the number one premise is PUT YOURSELF first.. (enabling you to take the upmost care of your clients)

Honestly if this is new to you.. it may not bean easy task at first especially for those who have always put themselves dead last.

If you currently wouldn't vote for yourself as number one in your life.. do that before you take any of this post into consideration.

If you do put yourself first and you find yourself having anxiety.. your issue is you are in fact focusing too much on yourself and your problems or issues.

Turn the table, and ask 1-3 people right now 'do you need help with anything' or even better 'how can I be of service'?

'How can I be of service' may feel uncomfortable to say and in that case.. you should practice saying it MORE OFTEN.

When something feels uncomfortable but you know it's beneficial.. its something you should push yourself to start doing.

Let me know how you make out with this task :) and what the response was.

Take care and we'll chat tomorrow.


Day Five

I used to own a jewelry business.. I started it when I was 12 and then continued to operate it for the next 20 years until I eventually sold it.

It was one my first businesses.

I found this paper today (I think it fell out of one of my old books from childhood) It's from my first craft fair.

I broke even (keep in mind that the items I sold were .10 cents, .25 cents, .50 cents.

12 year old me probably could have given up..

I remember being a little bit embarrassed sitting behind the table.

I was shy and I wasn't a huge 'seller',

either I didn't know how or I didn't care.

I was still learning about money.

No one really teaches us about money. We learn about money from what we hear and see from our parents..

We pick up on EVERY little thing good and bad,

and then download it into our little brains,

and make up 'stories', different versions, and meaning all around MONEY.

I say I've been an entrepreneur since I was 6 or 7.

I remember smashing rocking in my driveway, bagging them up, pricing them and then going door to door selling them.

People actually bought them, but my step mom was embarrassed and made me bring the money back.

I have a million 'stories' around money that I've had to heal, repair and reframe.

I don't know where I heard this but I heard a version of this online, from one of the gurus 'heal your money story'

And it's true. For many of us this is a huge area in our lives and businesses that are holding us back from making REAL money and not just having a 'hobby business'.

Many of my first businesses were hobby businesses. All excellent learning experiences and 'tests' really.. to see what works and what doesn't work.

I used to get down on myself because many of business have made under six figures.

Two of my business consistently have consistently made six figures, but I can't yet say I've made multiple six figures.. YET.

Online we see the highlight reel.. I do anyway.. I see entrepreneurs left right and center claiming to make six figures A MONTH.

I dated someone who laughed at me on our first date because 'what I made in a year, he made in a month'

whomp, whomp.

I've always done what I can with what I have.

The best advice I can give you if you want to make more money..

Get a new mindset.

Be patient with yourself.

Write down what you want,

a number.

Make it big, but not too big, at first that it's wildly unattainable.

Admire others, and their accomplishments, but don't judge yourself for not being where they are, or thinking you should be or should have done better.

This is cliché but it's the truth:

It's about the journey.

I have SO MUCH more to say about money in a later post.

I went off on a useful tangent, but what I thought I was going to write about was how and why to KEEP GOING..

but I think from the post and the fact I'm still here, still writing about entrepreneurship is proof and encouragement enough.. to keep going.


Day Four

Yea!!! We made it to day four!

I hope you had a great day, what did you do?

I am currently sitting down to write and having a 'nack' which is short for snack. My youngest daughter (23 months) calls it a 'nack', it's kinda cute.

Let me think, what do I want to talk about tonight? I think I ate too many 'nacks' (generic turtles) you know the chocolate clusters with the peanuts and caramel?

I'm still trying to figure out "who" I'm talking to (ie. ideal client) with my blog. Actually the last 5 years have been spent trying to 'figure out who my ideal clients is.. I've pin pointed it MANY times and then it changes.

Why? Because I change, what I do changes, what I'm working on changes.. it is what it is.

I encourage you to please NOT take the advice that says that you HAVE TO HAVE AN IDEAL CLIENT.

Sure there may be similarities but if your ideal client is female, between the ages of 34-55 and she does this and does that and works here and drives this and blah, blah, blah.. and along comes Shane, the 55 year old Australian business mogul who is willing to pay 3 times what Betty Sue paid, and is 10 times easier to deal with.. I recommend exploring your options!

It was similar with my first business, Landscaping. One year the market swayed and it was walkways in subdivisions, the next year it was bark mulch and garden maintenance for seniors and the next year it was commercial properties. It was diverse, and I liked it :) It gave us a chance to see what we liked, how to make it efficient, meet cool people and explore the different areas.

The same with an online business, explore your options. I recommend having a loose idea of 3 different clients, and 3 different price points.

Ok so these are a few points and advice to follow, that being said YOU DO YOU BOO.

YOU FOLLOW what YOU think you should do.

For example, I recommend NOT getting business cards..

however if the $30-$50 business cards get you inspired to start working and set the wheels in motion.. by all means GET THE CARDS..

The cards can inspire you to start taking MASSIVE ACTION (the thing that WILL add TREMENDOUSLY to your success)

Just don't get too hung up on 'the cards'

Lets do a little recap, we went from 'nacks', to ideal client, to business cards..

What was your major take away? (I love this part because it is totally different for each and everyone of you!)

I'm going to close the computer down for tonight :)

I leave you with this (because saying makes me smile..) You do you boo!

Take care

Talk soon


Day Three

Hi. Do you realize how freaking hard it is for me to sit in a chair?


Can you relate? Or are you disciplined and focused?

How does one become 'disciplined and focused'? And do they need to be 'all the time'?

My answer is no.. I believe that being unfocused sometimes is a good thing.. it allows you to day dream, be creative and have 'free space' to explore, or what normal folk call 'being bored' <- which is also not a 'bad' thing.

Focus comes when you are in a flow.

How do you get into a flow?

I can speak from my own experience of how I get into a flow, it happens WHEN I make myself 'do the work'.

Seems simple, and it can be.. BUT when you are a solo-preneur it CAN BE more difficult to hold yourself accountable.

I wanted the life style where I could do 'whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted' and honestly to a degree I live this lifestyle, minus my dream of lavish everything and trips around the world, but other than that honestly little to no planning goes into my day.

The plan reveals itself by me taking the next 1-3 moves forward.

The 'plan' is put in place when you decide what it is you really want, what you value, and then listening daily to your intuition,

I'll talk more about this as I keep writing in the days ahead.

It's simple once you get the hang of it.

I named my business 'Sweet Success and Happiness' because I wanted to have 'success' on my own terms and I was sick of having success be about the money (side note, I fucking love money, it's the fuel that keeps everything running, start thinking of money as energy, when you have great energy and you declutter the shit out of every area of your life consistently and consistently take action.. money flows easily to you.

And the happiness part.. well if you aren't happy what is the point? You MUST be happy.

So success on your own terms, mixed with happiness and there you go, 'Sweet Success and Happiness' Life and Business Coaching.

Most of my day to day is lived by and goes through a filter of what is going to make me happy right now, is it healthy and beneficial for me, does it benefit my kids? What do my kids need, what would make them happy? I clean my house, relax, day dream (often too much) and then I make myself do the work.

Everyday the work is different.

The work only gets done if my two top priorities are looked after, My Self and My Kids.

Side note, put yourself first, like on an airplane when the air mask comes down you MUST put it on yourself first to be able to properly put it on the children. If Mommy or Daddy pass out, there is and will be no one to help the children.


Trust me when I say this has taken me years to master and I still slip on it here and there. (I'll talk more about this in upcoming blogs as YOU are the foundation of your buiness and if there is no you there is no business and there are no healthy happy kids.

The goal is to build a business that functions well without you, sell it!! (yes sell) and lay on the beach, or like most of us hardcore entrepreurs, start agian (you creative monkey you!)

The same with our kids, raise healthy, happy, stable and independent kids that are lovely self sufficient caring beings. Think of your buisness like this as well.

I'll leave you with a journal prompt.

Are you currently building a sustainable business you will be able to sell?

Where in your life are you slipping with yourself care? What is one actionable step you can take right now to do something nice for yourself and up your self care?

Take care and I'll be back tomorrow.


I don't know about you but I am or seem to be by nature a 'doer' I've actually had to train myself to not do.

Day Two

O.M.G! We made it to day two.. please hold while I cut off my giant fingernails.. they are way too long to type efficiently and they aren't making this easy..

And god only knows I like when things are easy!

Ok, I'm back..

I couldn't find the fingernail clippers so I got my things ready for my shower, and paid the Power bill. Oh la la.

And finally the topic of this post..

Do you have a 'word of the year' this year?

Although I'm not huge on New Years Resolutions.. do enjoy choosing a 'word of the year'.

What is a word of the year you ask?

It's a word that you continually strive to accomplish in all or most areas of your life.

A few of my past words have been:




These are the only ones I can remember right now..

You get the point.. its a word you strive to encompass for the entire year.

It's an alternate, easier (in my opinion) way of looking at the classic.. most often failed

'New Years Resolution'.

Shower time..

And I'm back.. minus the long fingernails.. typing is SO much easier..

A few points to remember are:

Choose your word quickly: don't over think it, most likely the word you 'should choose' is the first one you think of..

that's your intuition speaking.. and intuition knows best.

Choose something you wish to become, and then be patient with yourself.

From experience it could take you and most likely will take you the entire year to REEEEALLY 'get it' and make it stick.

Good Luck xo

Day One

Hi! Emily here. I'm attempting to type this blog with SUPER long fingernails.

Why is this important information?

It's not, I just want to make you feel bad for me because its really hard for me to type.

Ok moving on..

What should you expect from this blog?

I guarantee you I'll be honest and you'll learn a lot!

A lot about yourself and how to become more self aware.

You'll learn about business, money, communication, how to have 'breakthroughs' and how to move ahead quickly and easily in your entrepreneurial journey.

I'll share lessons with you from my 17 years of being an entrepreneur.

I can almost guarantee there will be spelling mistakes

and I probably won't be consistent although I might be, we'll see.

I'll probably change the fonts and the layout multiple times.

I'm not too picky on my 'brand' at this point.. my focus is more on providing you with value you can use and implement to succeed.

Keeping with my priorities (more on this in at a later time) I need to go to sleep as its almost 12 am here.

Tonight I"ll leave you with a quote:

No response is a response.

And a journal question:

Where in your life are you looking for a response that has never come? What can you do to take further action? Or are you willing to let it go?