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Feel Sexy, Get Fit, Have Fun

10 Days to Cash

This is for you if you are an online entrepreneur and you want to get your creative juices flowing NOW and pump out a new offer YESTERDAY.

Hi :)  I'm Emily and EASY money making is my religion.  One thing I know for sure is when you are in flow and harmony MONEY COMES EASILY, as it should!

In 10 Days to Cash you will learn how to unapologetically start getting out there NOW and start making offers YESTERDAY.

I'm guessing you've hit a dry patch in your business?  

Not because you wanted to, or meant to, it JUST HAPPENS..

It's not even because of Covid.. (because if we're being honest, you are laid back like I and your day is STILL going on as 'normal' whatever that is.. Because if we're being honest about 'your life' is FAR FROM NORMAL.

Join me and a group of 'FAR FROM NORMAL' entrepreneurs from around the world.. as we gracefully create new offers, and money together for 10 days.

10 Days to create!!  How does that sound?

With grace and hustle this group will test you, up level you, and your business to reach NEW HEIGHTS!

Putting first things first I will show you and teach you how to create an offer that sells online, or inspire and guide you (because you already know how.. you just need a little pick me up, a little guidance to get going again.. a little accountability.. YES PLEASE!

 We start Friday, April 17th, 2020

Single Payment
3 Equal Payments (due every 5 days)